Jagannath Textile Company Ltd


About Us :

About Us :

Jagannath Textile Company Ltd., (JTCL) though a relatively new venture, has made remarkable progress in spinning quality yarn.

Jagannath Textile Company Ltd., has an huge production capability, productivity and a committed team of skilled workers and efficient staff numbering approximately 1000.

Jagannath Textile Company Ltd.,  manufactures yarn in the count range of 4's to 40's in Open end and 20's to 60's in Ring Spinning. Its Forte lies in catering to all type of markets which require superior quality yarn for various applications.

The company has facilities to produce multiple types of yarn simultaneously in cheese and cone form through both Automatic and Semi Automatic machines.

Open end yarn in cheese from is available in packages upto 4 kgs. Yarn is available in hank form also in SHPR/DHCR/DHPR.

Quality Policy :

Jagannath Textile Company Ltd.,
is committed to provide mutually accepted quality yarn to ensure customer satisfaction by meeting their specified requirements in time, at a competitive price, through total dedication and team work of its employees and continual improvement in the quality management system