Fair Date :  16-19 Aug 2018

Venue : Newcastle Entertainment Centre, Newcastle, Australia

Fair Date :  17-18 Aug 2018

Venue : Nashville Music City Center, Nashville, USA

NEW DELHI: Is your human resource department hiring for your offices in other states? Or your finance department preparing payrolls for employees in other centres? These services by one office to branches in other states will be treated as “supply” and attract goods and services tax (GST), according to an order by the Karnataka Authority of Advance Rulings. 

We import steel and supply to our customers in India. Sometimes, the customer wants to buy directly from our international supplier in US dollars. In such trade practice, we take some sales commissions from the international supplier and quote prices to the end customer.

Surat: At least 7,000 tempos delivering unfinished fabrics in textile markets located on Ring Road went off the road demanding free parking and direct supply of goods to textile mills here on Monday. 

Patna: Finance Minister Piyush Goyal on Sunday said that many big nations don't have the courage to implement a tax reform like the Good and Services Tax (GST).