A presentation of planned economic projects was held in the Sergely region of Uzbekistan within the framework of President Shavkat Mirzieev's visit on November 17, reports the press service of the president.

Thus, "Bek mega textile", "Dara elite", "Laura peri fashion" and "Orchid beauty" companies are planning to organize production of textile products and ready-made garments, "Оriginal textile and print" - production of finished products from denim, accessories and "Ella" - sewing women's coats and leather goods.

Companies "Orient confection" and "Sladus produce" are planning to expand the production of confectionery products, "Korton Osiyo" Ltd. - corrugated boxes and packing boxes for fruits and vegetables. The project of the enterprise "Aminovs company" is aimed at the production of household appliances, "Сentral Аsia" - building nails, metal wires and electrodes.

Also, there will be new companies in the service sector. In particular, the "Nazm-nur progress" LLC is aimed at creating a modern cardiosurgical clinic, the organization "Global medical center" - the expansion of the multidisciplinary medical center and LLC "Kilpyong leaders" - erection of the park and business center.

Thanks to these projects, export-oriented products will be produced, which will create hundreds of jobs.

Source  : Azer News

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