Singapore's Ministry of Finance has announced that about 880,000 Singaporean Housing and Development Board (HDB) households will receive the next installment of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Voucher – Utilities-Save (U-Save) rebate in January 2018.

The U-Save rebate is one of three components under the permanent GST Voucher scheme. U-Save, paid four times a year, is the household component of the permanent GST Voucher scheme, introduced to help households with their utilities expenses, to offset the regressive nature of GST. The U-Save rebate is expected to cost SGD265m over four quarters, starting from July 2017.


Annually, the permanent GST Voucher – U-Save rebate has enabled households in 1- and 2-room HDB flats to receive support equivalent to about three to four months of their utilities bills on average. Those living in 3- and 4-room HDB flats receive support equivalent to about one to two months of their utilities bills.


In January 2018, eligible Singaporean households will each receive a GST Voucher – U-Save of up to SGD95, depending on their HDB flat type.


Source : Tax News

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