Leading digital services provider, Robi, has recently launched the Internet of Things (IoT) based smart factory solution for Bangladesh RMG sector in association with a start-up company, nCinga, based in Singapore. The agreement signed last year with nCinga has helped Robi work towards its vision of becoming the next generation digital company.

"nCinga’s next generation smart-factory solution, nFactory, gives manufacturers the necessary agility and real time visibility to ensure world-class quality of their product. nCinga has its engineering and development center located in Sri Lanka," the digital operator said in a press release.


nFactory is an industrial IoT based solution that assists relevant decision makers with actionable insights to improve productivity and reduce defects by creating a digital virtual belt of a factory floor by capturing events in real time and contextually streaming it to them. Thus, the solution facilitates the factories to make a smooth transition from the era of mass production to mass customization.


"Robi aims to be a digital company, not a traditional telco. Our digital aspiration happens to coincide with the advent of the 4th industrial revolution. The launch of smart factory solution, nFactor is only the first manifestation of what we can deliver to the RMG sector to help it digitalize its operations. We are confident that with this expanded product portfolio, we will emerge as the digital champion soon," Robi’s managing director and CEO, Mahtab Uddin Ahmed said. 


Source : Fibre 2 Fashion

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