SHILLONG: With floods, heavy rainfall, landslides and road blocks major topographic features of Meghalaya and other parts of the North East, the state government has adopted the Geotechnical Textiles Technology to deal with the problems.

Used globally to address dangers to infrastructure caused by degradation and natural calamity, geotechnical textile is a product manufactured from natural and man-made fibres woven and non-woven used in geological applications involving rock, soil and other natural elements in civil engineering projects.

In this connection, an awareness workshop titled, ‘Next Frontiers in Civil Engineering: Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure for North East Region’, was held to highlight on the usage of geotechnical textile in northeastern region.

It is organised by Ahmedabad Textile Industry’s Research Association (ATIRA) on behalf of the office of the Textile Commissioner, Ministry of Textile in collaboration with PWD on Monday.

Director of ATIRA MN Subramania said such technology is recommended for applications in the hilly regions for strengthening the road, ground improvement, basal reinforcement of embankments as geo-textiles have high tensile strength, low elongation, low creep and excellent durability.

Geotechnical textile will also stabilise the slope where the soil is very soft and loose due to heavy rainfall in the region.

PR Marwein, secretary of PWD (R&B), said, “Hill states suffer from chronic problems such as landslides, blockade of roads and so many issues and we do not seem to have solution to those by using the normal technology.”

He was hopeful that the geotechnical textile will further provide methods to improve the current situation in the state.

Source : Thes Hillong Times

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