NEW YORK - Airweave, the leading bedding brand of Japan, announces the launch of its latest mattress model to the US market, the Airweave Mattress Advanced.

BEIJING -- A total of 52.7 percent of 2,018 respondents want a better textile recycling system, according to a survey released by China Youth Daily on Tuesday.

CAPMAS noted that Egypt’s agricultural season starts in early September and lasts until the end of August the following year. During the agricultural season of the year 2016-17, the North African country’s cotton exports rose 12.6 per cent, reaching 431,000 metric kantars.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST), has generated a fair bit of confusion, like, for example, what really comes under its umbrella?

As the Goods and Services Tax (GST) completes one year of existence, the time is opportune to refresh and introduce sweeping changes in the existing structure, procedures and processes to make it more flawless and simple.

Chennai Customs urged exporters to resolve any errors so that their legitimate pending refunds can be processed within a fortnight.