The country needs to relax labour laws and enhance incentives in order to become the preferred sourcing destination in textiles sector, a report submitted to the government said.

This largely female workforce remains forgotten in every poll. Two years have passed since thousands of garment workers took to the streets in violent protests.

India needs to rework its trade treaties with countries and blocks of countries to encourage garment sector in the country, industry players said in a document that will be submitted to Gujarat government.

At a time Nigeria’s total non-oil export is less than $2 billion, Bangladesh, once among the poorest countries in the world, is raking in $28 billion just from textile export.

American Apparel is returning to the physical realm. The iconic Los Angeles-based brand is preparing to open a flagship store in its home city later this year, its first foray back into brick-and-mortar shops after all its locations closed following a bankruptcy process.

The garment industry has powered Bangladesh’s economy and put more people to work than any other sector, especially women, in the last 40 years. But it has taken a heavy toll on women’s mental and physical welfare.