The 11th edition of the Textile Pinnacle (Texpin) by Southern India Mills' Association (SIMA) will focus on 'Textile Industry-Towards 2020'. The conference for chief executive officers will equip the industry to mitigate the challenges, grab the emerging opportunities and achieve a sustained growth rate. The event is scheduled for September 9 at Coimbatore. 

The Telengana government will for the first time purchase cotton from farmers to provide them remunerative prices for their produce and to establish ginning factories in the state. The purchase is scheduled to start by the next Kharif harvesting season. The decision follows reported exploitation of farmers by private cotton traders and middlemen. 

SAN FRANCISCO — A unique collection of textile work from the island of Mindanao will be on view from September 18 to November 24 in the historic The Mills Building & Tower here, organized by the Hinabi Project (THP) of the Philippine American Writers and Artists Inc.

KARACHI: Commerce Secretary Younis Dagha on Wednesday advised textile industry to focus on value addition to compete in the international market and arrest decline in exports.

KARACHI: The textile industry is itself responsible for the continuous decline in exports because it has ignored innovation, Commerce Secretary Mohammad Younus Dagha said on Wednesday.

Humans have been creating textiles (materials created by interlacing fibers) for tens of thousands of years, and although these days most fabrics are made in bulk in factories, there are individuals who continue the art — weaving, felting, and dyeing, to name a few — of constructing textiles, either as cottage industries or simply as hobbies. This week, Santa Barbarans have a chance to participate in two different workshops with textile making as their focus.