CHENNAI: Uncertainty over customs clearance of consignments from China has hit exporters in the state after raw materials from there were stuck at the airport and sea ports. Sources told The New Indian Express that the brief unofficial ban on customs clearance for imports from China has now been lifted.

Chennai: T-Shirts without buttons, shorts without zippers. This is the peculiar situation garment exporters in Tirupur are pushed to, unwittingly, as customs officials sit on Chinese consignments containing millions of zippers, buttons and embroidery accessories without clearing them.

Pandemic-hit Indian exporters, especially in labour-intensive sectors, are expecting their fortune to plummet further, as key competitor Vietnam has clinched a free trade agreement (FTA) with the EU.

British product quality testing firm Intertek Group Plc said on Sunday it had temporarily shut its Hong Kong Garment Centre in Kowloon from Feb. 11 for two weeks after an employee contracted the new coronavirus.

Cambodia, as well as Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, are being encouraged to improve their production chains to provide added value to their textile products exported to Japan.

Chennai: Garment exports from Tirupur dropped to Rs 25,000 crore for the year ended March 2020, from Rs 26,000 crore in the previous year as Covid pandemic wiped away most of March exports. The target was to export garments worth Rs 28,000 crore. Domestic sales were flat at Rs 25000 crore for the fiscal.