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Market Penetration :
NTC has penetrated its market in USA by supplying continuously 100% cotton Satin Bedspread of KING SIZE AND QUEEN SIZE.

NTC is one of the few totally integrated textile players with a total turnover of Rs.2950 millions. The Installed capacity is :

Spinning - 4.78 lakh spindles
Shuttleless looms - 48 projectile Sulzer Machines
Air Jet looms - 32
Automatic looms - 178

National Textile Corporation (Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry) Limited was established in the year 1974 as a Subsidiary Company of the National Textile Corporation Ltd., New Delhi. It is a Government owned Enterprise. The Company is not only the trend setter in Manufacturing of cloth and yarn but has also made a remarkable presence by supplying of cloth and yarn to the Domestic and International Markets for the Weaving and Knitting Industries.

National Textile Corporation Ltd produces 100% Cotton fabrics/Synthetics fabrics/Suitings /Shirtings which covers the length and breadth of the Globe. In the highly competitive international markets, NTC Cloth has carved a niche for itself and has charmed its way by supplying fabrics to international market by meeting the needs of garment industries.
To continuously modernize, expand and technologically upgrade our textiles, yarn for producing excellent quality goods to meet the changing customer needs, foreign exchange earnings by promoting exports, face global & domestic competition and further improve our global as well as domestic presence and implementing innovative methods for enrichment of quality.

Our Vision Elements :
»  Product diversification focusing on the customer     needs. »  Modernisation, expansion and technological up     gradation to meet the challenge of globalisation.
»  Earning of foreign exchange by promoting export. »  Continuous organizational restructuring to ensure     customer satisfaction.
»  Effective management by implementing cost     effectiveness in all areas of operations to meet the     challenging global competition. »  Motivation of employee’s to achieve our vision.

Being in the business of textiles manufacturing and marketing, with decades of success in export, NTC takes special care with regard to its dealing with domestic and international customers. It is now renowned for its :

»  Quick business responses. »  Planned business bookings
»  Timely despatches »  Pre-packing quality inspection
»  Zero-defect fabric »  Customer feed-back evaluation
»  After sales service »  Fair business policies