Shrinithi Impex



Circular Knitting Machines
Open Width Take Down Machine
The electric circular cutting knife scotching with synchronized rolling fabric makes average tension without shading value after rolling fabric (water ripple). Housing tube is adopted at cloth roller, which is easy to draw out the machine after rolling fabric. Gathering rollE,!radopts 2 rolled modes of active form and passive form at the same time. This can avoid the folded mark when small cloth is unable to gather tightly

MODEL SINGLE-FACED AND FOUR-TRACK BIG-BOBBIN KNITTING MACHINE is the main model of producing various single-faced knitting cloth, which are mainly used for vest, T-shirt, underwear, sportswear, and ornaments, etc. As its four segments and triangle, the machine becomes more automatic which can produce various sweat clothes, beaded and meshed clothes, flannelette" single- faced polyester cotton, high-elastic polyurethane fibre, swimming dress materials and various single-faced and four segment knitting materials. It fits for various raw materials as cotton, mixed fabric, Dacron and chemical fabric silk with lustre. using cotton yarn, blended yarn, nylon, polyester fibre and acrylic fibre, etc.

 a    DIAMETER    30"    34"     38"    40"
 b    GAUGE          15-G32G
 C    FEEDER    90F    102F    114F    120F