Vigneshwari Textiles



Vigneshwari Textiles was established in the year 1994 with the aim to produce "World Class" Knitted Garments items.

At Vigneshwari Textiles, impeccable workmanship and outstanding designs have always been the hallmark of our products.

The Company has carved out a new dimension to the matches appeal of our innovative and designer Knitted Garments. We are a

company which has perfect the art of transformating our client's visual imagery into reality. In this highly competitive market of

fashion and garments, its only the "fittest" who 'survives' and we at Vigneshwari Textiles, have always had winner edge.

Together with an intense market analysis and a creative team, we strive to understand the customer's requirements and offer them
with a wide range of our exclusive products.

Within a Short Span of our inception, we have consolidated ourselves among the leading names in the industry for our high quality products, commitment towards customer satisfaction and adhering to corporate ethics.

Its grown to stage due its following charecters

» Quality Products

» Quicker Delivery

» Product Variety

» Competitive Pricing


An ideal harmonistration of skilled personnel and sophisticated machinery mark the infrastructure at Vigneswari Textiles.

We are capable of producing more than 1 lakhs pices per month of our product line.

We have established several divisions to each stage of the manufacturing process like

» Spinning Division

» Knitting Division

» Dyeing Division

» Embroidery Division

» Printing Division

» Garment Finishing Division

» Quality Control Division