Turkey wants to impose new requirements on textile firms importing material from China, alarming leaders of one of the country’s biggest export industries, three clothing company executives told Reuters.

Our very own traditional textile, piña-seda, is currently on display at the historic Real Fabrica de Tapices in Madrid, Spain for a month-long exhibition, dubbed “Piña-Seda: Hibla ng Lahing Filipino Travelling Exhibition, Lecture Series, Weaving, and Embroidery Demonstrations and Workshops.”

All the garment factories, irrespective of their affiliation with the BGMEA and BKMEA, have paid workers' salaries and festival bonuses as of yesterday, dispelling apprehension that some might not be able to do so ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr, according to factory owners.

Sportswear giants Adidas and Nike - two of the main sponsors of the soccer World Cup - must ensure workers in their Asian supplier factories are paid a fair wage as their share of the production cost dwindles, civil society groups say.

Most electronic textiles have poor air permeability, can't be laundered, or are too costly or complex to mass-produce.

Ludhiana, once dubbed as Manchester of India, is also looking for opportunities beyond brick-and-mortar businesses.