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Dr. A.Sakthivel visualized the directions and dimensions of growth of knitwear sector sufficiently in advance, conceived, planned and executed massive projects to sustain the growth and retain the dominance in knitwear exports.  The projects completed are given below:

1.Tirupur Export Knitwear Industrial Complex

 An exclusive industrial complex for manufacture of knitwear for export, namely, Tirupur Export Knitwear Industrial Complex, about 8 kms. from Tirupur, in a sprawling 100 acres site to relieve congestion within the city and facilitate expansion of production capacities.  This is the first Industrial Complex promoted by private enterprise, consisting 189 industrial sheds with full-fledged infrastructure facilities such as power, water, roads, rainwater drainage, sewerage, security, post and telecommunication.  The investment in this complex has crossed Rs.300 crores and value of production is estimated at Rs.800 Crores per annum. 

2.Commencement of Exports

Tirupur’s direct exports started with Italy.  Verona, a garment importer from Italy came to Tirupur in 1978 through Mumbai exporters to buy white T-shirts.    A lot of job workers were manufacturing garments for merchant exporters.  He realised the potential and came to Tirupur the following year.  Verona was the man who brought European business to Tirupur.  On seeing the quality, others soon followed suit.  In 1981 European retail chain C&A came.  Gradually, other stores also approached the exporters for supplying of garments. 

A handful of manufacturers exported garments worth Rs.15 crore in 1985.  The next couple of year was a windfall for Tirupur as exports touched Rs.300 crore in 1990.




TEA LEMUIR Container Terminals Private Limited, about 10 Kms. from Tirupur arranges for loading and unloading of export and import cargo in Tirupur itself.  Exporters in Tirupur are now completing the customs formalities in Tirupur itself and sending the goods in containers directly for shipment through all southern ports and Mumbai.


TEA Public School is situated in lush green location, the school has all facilities of a modern educational institution and imparting education of very high standards to students irrespective of caste, creed or religion upto 12th Standard.  In 2012-13, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSC) stream has also been commenced in TEA Public School.


This processing and production complex is located in Kanjikode near Palakkad.  A most modern process house is functioning for enhancing the quality of processing of knitwear cloth and garments to international standards.  A few knitwear production units are also working in the complex.   This is a joint venture project of Government of Kerala and knitwear exporters in Tirupur.



A Public Limited Company promoted by TEA jointly with the Government of Tamil Nadu, Government of India and Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Limited (IL&FS), Mumbai to supply water from Cauvery River-about 55 kms from Tirupur for industrial and domestic use not only by the people of Tirupur but also those in more than 30 villages, en route the pipeline.  The massive project was executed with the cost of Rs.1,150 Crores, also envisages underground sewerage system for Tirupur, collection, treatment and disposal of sewerage and solid waste. 


TEA teamed up with the Dyers Association of Tirupur, collected Rs.10.00 crores towards equity contribution of the industry and handed it over to the Hon’ble Chief Minister to Tamil Nadu on the inauguration of project work on 20th June 2003 at Tirupur. This project, an outstanding example of Public Private Partnership of massive scale, funded by leading international financial institutions like US AID, is the first of its kind in the whole of Asia.   Water project is already completed where Industries and people from wayside villages and Tirupur are happy because the long felt need is fulfilled.   Our Hon’ble Prime Minister had applauded this achievement in various forums. 


An institution to cater to the manpower needs of knitwear industry and export business in all areas of designing, manufacturing, marketing and administration.  Promoted at an investment of Rs.2.5 crores with support from the Government of India (Ministry of Industry) and ICICI, the institute has state-of-art machinery and equipment, including CAD and offered testing, training and designing services to the industry.  The Bachelor Degree programs offered are Apparel Fashion Design, Fashion Apparel Management, Garment Production and Chemical Processing, Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising.  The Institute also offers Master Degree in Apparel Business and Apparel Production. The college is now affiliated to Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.


To attract buyers from all parts of the world to the citadel of knitwear industry, TEA and AEPC constructed a Trade Fair Complex of international standards in a place about 12 kms from Tirupur, providing easy and fast access from Coimbatore airport to buyers visiting the Fair.   So far, 38 knitwear fairs have been conducted in Tirupur. The substantial increase in export of autumn / winter wear from Tirupur is on account of these fairs.  Now India Knit Fairs-both summer and autumn / winter – are well known globally any buyers from world over look forward to these fairs with lot of interest.


A Convention Centre was constructed in the IKF Complex for conducting programs, meetings etc. and unveiled in May 2007.



Once again, Sakthivel visualized that Tirupur should have world-class production facilities to face the competition and challenges emerging in the post quote-free regime.  As a creator of par excellence, he conceived a huge project to build knitwear manufacturing facilities superior to those existing in developed and competing countries.  The foundation stone was laid in July 2003 and work commenced in September 2003.  The Park, first of its kind in India has come up in a 166 acres site in a strategic location in NH47.  The Park includes 52 knitwear units, with a total built-up area of about 2.0 million sq.ft.


The Park was opened by Shri.P.Chidambaram, then Hon’ble Minister of Finance and presided over by Shri.Shankar Singh Vaghela, then Hon’ble Minister of Textiles, Government of India, New Delhi on 10.01.2005 at New Tirupur, the new name for the park site. 


With state-of-art machinery and world class infrastructure created with an investment of Rs.300 Crores the park provide direct employment to more than 15,000 persons.  The park contribution for knitwear export turnover of Tirupur is about Rs.1500 Crores per annum.


TEA and St. John Freight Systems Ltd., formed a Joint Venture Company in India of 50:50 ratio, in the name of TEA - St. JOHN LOGISTICS PRIVATE LIMITED and it was registered on 16th February, 2006. The new JV Company having registered office in Tirupur and Administrative Office in Tuticorin would float a subsidiary company in Antwerp, Belgium shortly for warehousing and distribution of garments in Europe. The JV Company will give one stop solution for end-to-end service with focus on Supply Chain for garment distribution at Antwerp, Belgium.


TEA – St. John JVC will employ sales team in Antwerp. The JVC has committed to provide seamless supply chain solutions in Europe for Tirupur sellers and European buyers. This joint venture company is also planning to act as a trading house with exceptional logistics back-up advantages, which will add tremendous value to relationships with existing buyers and also help to forge new partnerships.


In future, the JVC plans to have own retail shops / showroom in major cities in Europe and own warehouse in Antwerp. Further to success of this venture, similar joint venture subsidiary company could be started in UK and USA also.


Tirupur Exporters’ Association entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt Ltd., to set up e-readiness centers, which offer e-readiness programme, e-learning modules and enhance solution delivery capability for local system integrators, resellers and independent solution vendors. your social media marketing partner